About Hemp Seeds CBD

HSC (Hemp Seeds CBD) is a COLORADO HEMP company  that was started by 2 friends who are pioneers in the Hemp and Cannabis industry. Having a friendship originating in Colorado 25 years ago, it was only a matter of time that the duo would partner up with a vision to conquer Colorado’s, the USA’s and the world’s hemp business. The 2 founding partners have over 50 combined years of experience in hemp, cannabis, genetics and sales.

Started In Northern Colorado Specializing In Hemp Cultivation

Starting the business with HEMP cultivation in Northern Colorado, HSC has become vertically integrated and now offers the world’s finest feminized hemp seeds and feminized hemp seedlings.
Strategically partnering up with the trademark owner of Abacus 2.0 and Cherry Abacus, HSC has been issued a certified license to breed and cross breed these 2 Colorado Super Strains that are considered to be the most preferred hemp strains in the world. HSC has done R&D (research and design) for many years of cannabis and hemp and they have determined that the strains they are producing are the most optimal for high CBD content, terpene profiles, smokeable hemp flower and high hemp biomass yield.
HSC is now offering their products with include, hemp seeds, feminized hemp seeds, female hemp seedlings, pre-rolled hemp cigarettes, isolate and CBD products for both retail and wholesale.
Please email, text or call us about any products you need or questions to be answered. Thank you and welcome to the HSC family!
Email: info@hempseedscbdsale.com
Phone#1: 303-912-4280
Phone#2: 303-918-8788

about hemp seeds cbd